Supporting shelters for snowmobile riders


    At BRP, we always pride ourselves on enhancing the rider’s experience. This winter, our Ski-Doo brand has contributed to this goal by improving the safety and well-being of snowmobilers.


    Since 2014, BRP and Can-Am On-Road have been sponsoring the Road Warrior Foundation (RWF), an organization with a mission to empower military veterans by honouring their service through “adventure therapy.”

    We spoke with one of the RWF founders, Craig Anders, who shared what he loves about this partnership and what it means to veterans.


    We have been self-isolating for close to 9 months in an uninsulated 20m2 trappers cabin built in 1930- with no running water or electricity.

    We are 140 km from any store, running water, hot pizza, Netflix, fresh fruits and vegetables, our family/friends, a washing machine and comforts of regular life. We have not had a shower for close to 9 months.

    A typical day for Sunniva and Hilde